Hair transplant

What is the hair transplant?

Natural hair transplantation is a risk-free and popular procedure known in the world. Natural hair transplantation is currently the only way to treat and repair lost hair, which can be done in a variety of areas, including the head, eyebrows, beard, mustache, eyelashes and scar areas (areas with wounds or skin lesions). This operation, which until recently was considered unbelievable, has become one of the most outpatient and light surgeries today, which is based on the healthy removal of a person’s hair roots and their implantation in the desired areas.

Hair transplantation is possible in several ways, most of them are very reliable, with excellent results, and most patients are satisfied with the results. FUT and FIT methods are among the most common hair transplant methods that you can choose the most suitable one in consultation with your doctor. In fact, hair follicles are implanted one by one and in the same natural state. Implanted hair is like natural hair will grow.

Price comparison of some medical treatments






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