Dental Treatment

The role of teeth is:

  • Facial beauty
  • Chawing food
  • The first step of digestion
  • Temporomandibular joint health

The tooth consists of two parts, the crown and the root. The surface of the tooth is covered by a substance which is called enamel. Dental tissue includes of two parts, organic and mineral.

There are many microorganisms and bacteria in the mouth that convert foods to acid and eventually it causes erosion on organic part of the tooth. Since the tooth is alive and has nerve, it causes pain slowly.

Damaged teeth can be repaired by restorative dentist and pain will be eliminated. Very damaged teeth need veneers to protect and fill teeth. In many cases that the teeth are not arranged regularly, teeth are placed in a beautiful row by Orthodontic.


Price comparison of some medical treatments






7704500300038006400Breast Prosthesis


10601040066001750035000Knee Replacement

11301390070001412050000Hip Replacement


3200168001030016900110000Spinal Fusion


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