Combination hair transplantation

The difference between hair transplant methods and hair removal methods is from the donor area. Basically, the combination hair transplant method is used for people whose baldness is very high. This means that if your hair loss rate is high and it is not possible to cover the area you are considering for hair transplantation with one hair transplant session, they will basically use this method for hair transplantation.

In this hair transplant method, a combination of FUT and FIT methods is used to cover the hairless area that has suffered from hair loss. The first advantage of this method is the very high number of grafts per session. In this method, up to 5,000 hair grafts (about 12,000 to 14,000 hairs) can be removed in one session and implanted in the required area.

Because this method uses both FUT and FIT methods, the density of hair transplants in this method is very high. In people who do not have the possibility of FUT hair transplantation or do not want to have surgery and tape removal, combination hair transplantation is not performed.

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