Spinal canal stenosis

It maybe in cervical, lumbar or rarely in thoracic area. Ifmedical treatment has not any success the operation is needed.
The operation which is named laminectomy or laminotomy is removing the stenotic parts whithout any disturbance to neural tissues.

What happens if you let spinal stenosis go untreated?

Myelopathy occurs from spinal stenosis that causes pressure on the spinal cord. If untreated, this can lead to significant and permanent nerve damage including paralysis and death. … It can impinge nerve roots and cause pain, weakness, or sensory changes in either your arms or legs.



Is narrowing of the spine dangerous?

Stenosis refers to a narrowing of the spinal canal to a degree where the spinal cord or nerve roots may be compromised. Spinal stenosis may occur throughout the spine but is more common in the low back, however is more dangerous in the neck due to the presence of the spinal cord.



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