FUT hair transplant

In this procedure, the hair is removed by making a small strip of the back of the head, usually under local anesthesia, which contains 1,500 to 2,500 grafts containing 7,000 to 9,000 hairs, then the area of ​​operation is delicately restored. Because the cut line is in the path of hair growth, the repair site is usually not seen. In the next step, the grafts of the hair follicles are separated into single, double or triple units by the surgical team under a microscope and ready for transplantation. In the FUT hair transplant method, it is usually not necessary to shave all the hair on the person’s head, and only the area that is needed for harvesting and transplanting is shortened. Then the prepared follicles are reduced one by one and very regularly according to the predetermined plan. One of the features of this method is the speed of transplantation in three to five hours. Currently, FUT is the safest and most reliable method of hair transplantation in the world, and up to 97% of users of this method have achieved the desired result.

why full mini abdominoplasty?
Patient can return home on the same day. 24 hours of bed rest is recommended. If you do not do physical work, you can go back to your work within a week. But if you have physical work, you have to wait a little wager which takes about six weeks.


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