Breast reduction surgery

In the FIT hair transplant method, the hair is removed by punching from the area of ​​the hair bank, which is usually selected from the back of the head and above the ears, and re-transplanted to the desired area with a punch or slit. Approximately one out of every 3 to 5 follicular units in the hair bank is removed, depending on the person’s needs. In some ways, the FTT hair transplant method is similar to the FUT method. This technique is usually recommended for people who have limited and small hair transplant areas or hair transplants in limited areas such as eyebrows, face and old wounds.

why full mini abdominoplasty?
Patient can return home on the same day. 24 hours of bed rest is recommended. If you do not do physical work, you can go back to your work within a week. But if you have physical work, you have to wait a little wager which takes about six weeks.


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